Basic security measures which can protect your home

You don’t need to spend high amounts of money for your basic protection neither buy super expensive locks from Bournemouth locksmith services unless you really feel the need to get them. Hereby we would like to provide you with a few tricks and tips to protect your home, without having to spend extra money.

Use all your locks all the time

We have locks for a reason. And even if you drop down to the supermarket you ought to close all your locks, because a burglary can easily be executed within the half an hour you are out to buy groceries. Apart from security, your insurance company may not reimburse any or most of your costs, if it comes out that not all the locks were used by the time the burglary happened.

Close the windows and balcony door when you leave

Of course, this all depends on your home’s location and height, but closing all the windows which are visible from the street is the best way to ensure noone would want to risk getting in. We keep hearing some burglaries happen totally on occasion. If a burglar sees a window they can push through or which was left open then they would likely risk to pull through, even if they steal some valuables which are easy to carry. Mind your balcony doors, if there is an easy route up there, through a tree or simply by climbing up.

Take a great care of your keys

This may seem something basic, but taking a good care of your keys should be a basic security measure. We tend to lose our keys from time to time. Sometimes we may even forget them in our own door. When it comes to smart locks which work with codes stored on apps, make sure, if anyone gets your phone they would not be able to easily open up your locks. If you know you are vulnerable to losing your belongings at least keep them chained to something (keychain holder) inside your bag.

Do not place your key holder right next to the entrance door

Don’t make things easier for any burglar, especially in case you own or take care of more properties or buildings. Many people still tend to store their keys in a well visible place and even write down the whole or a part of the address so that they know what key is for which property. If you have multiple properties do store all keys in a well- locked, hidden area to save yourself from future troubles. This also goes for extra keys for your home.

Cover and secure all windows within or around your entrance door

Windows, in or around entrance door can prove to be a big vulnerability. Many burglaries happened by the burglars simply breaking a window within the door pushing in one arm and open the door from the inside. Some may even force themselves through the window which is located above the entrance door. Get these windows enforced in any ways.

Always check how much people can see from the outside