5 smart ways to save your home from burglary

The negative effects of burglary are really not about losing valuables. Therefore the after effect of a burglary is much more mental due to the fact that someone has invaded your home and this way violated your own private space. This is exactly why you need to apply a good deal of security measures to stay protected from burglary from happening. Let see some of the best 10 ways to safeguard your home.

We need you to note that security measures largely differ when it comes to apartments in residential buildings.

Checking and enlisting the outside vulnerabilties

Walk around your house and try to think as a burglar would do. Check on loopholes, blind areas which receive much less attention but can become very vulnerable. Check on the quality of your fences your garden door and backyard entrance area as it’s some of the most common place from where burglary prefer to get in any home. Check the trees if there are any right next to your home and apply cut back to keep them further, not allowing them help anyone who would like to climb –in from them.

Check how much you can see through your windows

There is one thing most of us don’t like to give much of a thought, but regardless it can be true. There can always be someone watching whether you think or not. Also, these people may collect a pretty large knowledge about your belongings. How would they do that? Through your windows on the first place. It’s wise to check what you reveal to the world even through you are unaware of it. Revealing too much of what you have can easily make you a target.

Avoid showing your belongings and valuables on social media

We live in the age of selfies and showing off. There are tons of people who love to show off what they bought and what they have. But don’t forget, that leaving your profile unprotected may easily expose you and your belongings. Be aware of what you share on social media, alongside your daily routines and forget about the „check-in” on Facebook, which can clearly call burglars to check out on your home, knowing all well that you will be out for the day or for a longer period of time.

Check on the inside for vulnerabilities

This means to walk through your home and check all the doors, windows, dog entrances which are large enough to let a human climb through and last but not least call in an experienced Bournemouth locksmith if you find it necessary to provide some additional reinforcement to your entrance door or doors. There are locksmith Bournemouth who are specialized in garden entrances and can get you a professional who can make the necessary safety adjustments ot simply change your garden door and fencing if they are clearly outdated.


Cluttered and chaotic homes are more prone to burglaries because many burglars know they may end up with some more valuable stuff this way.