5 smart ways to protect your home during holidays

Holiday seasons is right around the corner again and this means a heightened risk of burglaries happening. This is especially true for the months of July and August when the highest number of burglaries occur all across the country. Let’s see some of the best ways to make sure your home is adequately protected.

Good locks

If you have good quality locks in a good quality door, this means that the risk of a burglary happening will get instantly lower. Experienced Bournemouth locksmith service can easily give you advice and tips if you need to update your locks and will also be happy to come around, just to check the overall state of your locks. It’s best for your door to be protected either by a multi-lock system which is now an organic part of most modern doors, or if you have an older style door, have at least 3 locks on it.

Build out a watch-system

It’s a good idea to try to cooperate with your closest neighbours and create a sort of a watch system, in case one of you is planning to leave for holidays for a couple of weeks. During holiday season, there are whole streets which suddenly get all emptied out due to people travelling. This can create a good opportunity for burglars to break in to houses without the risk of being seen all that much. This is why it’s a good idea to have a watch system to alert the other in case you see anything unusual happening somewhere near you.

The pretend –game

Pretending you are at home when you are not is not as easy as it may seem, especially when you are out for more than a couple of days but it can be feasible in multiple ways. This means, to call around a family member ever few days to check and bring your post in and trying your best to eliminate the most obvious sign of a house being empty. Leaving some light on can be a good idea, especially when it comes to economical or LED lights. There are people who build in lights which they can turn on and off even from large distances, with the help of apps. It’s a good idea and provides some protection.

Protect your home in a natural way

Good, tall hedges around the fences can provide a very good and quite effective protection for you home, especially when we talk about the species which come with extra-large spikes, noone would want to get involved with those, for sure.

Do not leave any windows open to the outdoors

Windows being left opened are an open call invitation for burglars to get in. This mistake is among the most obvious reasons for a burglary to happen. So, instead of investing in hi-tech locks, just do your best and keep all windows and doors locked. This would instantly eliminate the majority of risks of someone getting in your home.

24hr locksmith service Bournemouth can easily help you resolve all your lock related concerns and can install safe new locks for you in no minute.